The last three months I’ve been working less with SharePoint and more with Angular 4/Node JS projects. This change forced me to use less Visual Studio and dive deep into Visual Studio Code in almost every task.

While working with VSCode, I’ve been testing some Gulp tasks like SPSave and SPSync for automatizing file changes to SharePoint, just for fun. Because I just can’t accept SharePoint Designer anymore, my patience with it ran out.
Also the Windows feature to map a network drive to a SharePoint library isn’t good too, at least for me.
So basically the gulp tasks did the trick, but they aren’t that easy to be understood for some more “traditional” programmers in my company, which would end with few adopters here.

So while searching for SharePoint extensions just for curiosity, I found the SPGO Extension and it really impressed me!

I was able to sync files, check-out them and publish it right from my Editor. Just had to install the extension, open a folder and add an JSON file named SPGO.json.

So finally I could initialize the repository!

After all that time syncing the files and folders, you can edit the them and use the contextual menu to publish your changes.

The extension is in its early stages, but already works really well with SharePoint Online. I faced some issues with On Premises authentication, but I believe that in the future they will be tracked and solved.
I must admit that it has a lot of potential and will help me in my work!

SPGO Extension