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“You are not allowed to respond again to this survey” message on SharePoint

One of my favorite list templates in SharePoint is the Survey template. It’s a fun and useful feature that helps you on achieving a good survey-like form with charts and insights. You can make them anonymous, do some customizations and add Branching Logic, which means conditional questions depending on what the user answers.

Form example

Survey overview

But it has one main behaviour that I just don’t like, that is the message when you try to answer the survey again. Below you can check the message with Custom Errors disabled.

Message: You are not allowed to respond again to this survey


Theorically, the user has the required permission to edit its answers. But unfortunatelly once I try to answer again, SharePoint shows me that message as an error. This is a huge problem for users that don’t understand this message and it can be negative to the system.

That’s why I decided to write a code for you who need to edit the response whenever this happens. On internet I could find some nice examples and one of them helped me a lot, that’s why I added this one to my references list on the bottom of my post.

He is the code which you can add to your Overview page on your Survey.

You can check the source code on Github too.

Another interesting functionality that SharePoint Surveys lack is the Back Button. Fortunately, someone already shared a jQuery approach for SharePoint 2010 and also for SharePoint 2013 for having it on your lists too.

Support Office – Create a survey
Friendly message when user tries to take survey again


  1. Very nice!

  2. Thanks for the post, it was very useful.
    Only one small correction in function readSurveyVotes, the correct xml caml to filter author is:
    var viewXml = “” + _spPageContextInfo.userId + “”;

    • Wiliam Rocha

      May 11, 2017 at 11:02 am

      Thank you for correcting me, Victor. I’ve made the change on the Script.
      I believe your approach will help people on not experiencing problems with queries made by System Account!

  3. For me the CAML query was returning the All records.Corrected xml CAML Like this.
    var viewXml = “” + _spPageContextInfo.userId + “”;

  4. var viewXml = “” + _spPageContextInfo.userId + “”;

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